Ganesh Veeramalai

India, Bangalore
Ochre tattoo and cave

At an early age of three years old, I discovered the artist in me as I watched my mother draw Kolam (rangoli) alongside my brother who also would be drawing something, I was moved to pick up a pencil and just play around and scribble. That was my first drawing and I have come a long way since. I have been a tattoo artist since 2009 and have explored all kinds of styles and now mainly focus on Indian traditional art, indian mythologies and Tamil calligraphy.
Everything is Art and everybody is an artist. Each and every space communicates something in its natural form and to accept and witness this flow without any attachment, and then create something of your own with it; to me that is art.
My journey with art is that of constantly learning and growing as a person and hence:
"My best art will be the next art"
I am a masala proteam guy
Eat lot of masala. Fun loving guy. Like to have Russian girlfriends ?

Стиль: Traditional

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